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Published: 2022-02-24 Assignee: APPLE INC..
Application 20220058795, fig. 01

Image capture techniques personalized to individual subjects being imaged

Methods and apparatuses are disclosed to personalize image capture operations of imaging equipment according to models that correspond uniquely to subjects being imaged. According to these techniques, a subject's face may be detected from a first image supplied by an image source and a first model of the subject may be developed from the detected face. The first model of the subject may be compared to another model of the subject developed from other images. Image adjustment parameters may be generated from a comparison of these models, which may control image adjustment techniques that are applied to the newly captured image of the subject. In this manner, aspects of the present disclosure may generate image capture operations that are tailored to characteristics of the subjects being imaged and avoid artifacts that otherwise could cause image degradation.

Published: 2022-02-24
Human necessities
Application 20220053734, fig. 01

Pet toy

A pet toy includes surfaces for adhering abrasive material for dulling a pet's claws as the pet plays with the toy, as well as a cavity for receiving pet treats for encouraging play.

Published: 2022-02-24 Assignee: ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY.
Performing operations; transporting
Application 20220055649, fig. 01

Driver behavior tracking and prediction

Methods and systems for tracking driver behavior across a variety of vehicles are described herein. One or more first performance metrics which indicate performance of a first vehicle when driven by a user may be determined. One or more second performance metrics indicating performance of a second vehicle when driven by the user may be determined. The first vehicle and the second vehicle may be compared to determine a vehicle difference. The performance metrics may be compared. One or more third performance metrics that predict performance of a third vehicle, different from the first vehicle and the second vehicle, when driven by the user may be determined based on the vehicle difference and the comparison. Whether to provide the user access to the third vehicle may be determined based on the one or more third performance metrics.

Published: 2022-02-24
Application 20220058019, fig. 01


Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for receiving a source code change; computing a distribution of standard coding durations using a model that takes as input features of source code changes; and computing a representative duration for the code change using the distribution of standard coding durations, wherein the representative duration represents a measure of how long a standard developer defined by the model would take to make the code change.

Published: 2022-02-24 Assignee: InnoLux Corporation.
Application 20220059035, fig. 01

Gate driving circuit and display panel including the same

A display device includes a gate driving circuit and a driving circuit. The gate driving circuit outputs a clock signal. The driving circuit receives the clock signal for driving a display unit and comprises two transistors. Wherein one of the two transistors is an oxide transistor and the other one of the two transistors is a silicon transistor.

Published: 2022-02-24
Mechanical engineering
Application 20220057074, fig. 01

Lighting devices with a rotatable support

An apparatus for a lighting device with a rotatable support includes a lamp body, the lamp body is provided with the support capable of rotating relative to the lamp body, the support is provided with a magnetic block, and a lighting port of the lamp body is arranged on the side wall of the lamp body toward the direction of the rotation center line of the support. When the adjustable lighting device is used, the support is fixed on a metal object in a place to be illuminated through the magnetic block and the side face direction of the lighting port of the lamp body can be adjusted by adjusting the lamp body to rotate relative to the support, and therefore the side face lighting angle of the lighting port is adjusted, and due to the fact that the lamp body can rotate relative to the support at any angle, stepless adjustment of the side lighting angle of the lighting port can be achieved.

Published: 2022-02-24 Assignee: KUBOTA CORPORATION.
Performing operations; transporting
Application 20220055673, fig. 01

Movement assisting tool

A movement assisting tool (23) includes an attachment portion (24) that can be attached to and removed from a main body portion (11) of a battery unit (4), leg portions (25) that are coupled to the attachment portion (24) and extend from the attachment portion (24), and moving wheels (26) that are supported by extension portions of the leg portions (25). In a state where the attachment portion (24) has been attached to the main body portion (11) of the battery unit (4) and the moving wheels (26) are touching the ground, the battery unit (4) can be kept in an inclined orientation in which the wheels (13) are touching the ground and ground contact portions (14) are raised above the ground.

Published: 2022-02-24 Assignee: LB EUROPE LIMITED.
Performing operations; transporting
Application 20220055816, fig. 01

Bag side connector for a bib package

The bag side connector for a BIB package comprises: an element (10) having a longitudinal axis (12) and including a flange (14) with an upper and a lower face, wherein a first collar (16) protrudes from the upper face, so that a cylindrical chamber (18) is defined, a second collar (20) protrudes from the lower face, and the flange (14) has at least one through hole (22) in the area delimited by the second collar (20); and an internal valve device including an obturator (24) slidable along said axis (12) and a third collar (26) protruding from the lower face of the flange (14) coaxially and internally in respect of the second collar (20) and externally in respect of the area with at least one through hole (22), wherein said obturator (24) has a foot (30) suitable for contacting a distal edge (32) of the third collar (26) to form a leak-tight seal, and a top wall (34) from which an actuating pin (36) protrudes and extends through a center bore (38) of the flange (14). The connector further comprises an external valve device arranged in the chamber (18) and suitable for allowing/interrupting the fluid communication between the chamber (18) and the at least one (through hole (22) in dependence on the pressure existing in the chamber (18).